Carey Rippe: Importance of Alignment

About Carey Rippe: Carey is a busy work from home mom. She is a wellness professional, entrepreneur, and her daughter, Olivia, is in high school. She also has three fur babies and she’s loving her life with her partner Robert. She’s been in direct sales and network marketing since February of 2012, but she has recently made the switch in careers to a health and wellness field in January 2019. She loves her career, company, and community immensely and looks forward to many years of helping others eliminate their physical and financial pain. 

In this episode, Jennie and Carey discuss:

  • When transition is needed
  • Seeking alignment in your career
  • Growth through transition
  • Knowing if you’re aligned

Key Takeaways:

  • Not giving up is a strong characteristic that a lot of successful people have, but being able to recognize when you’re being stagnant and being willing and humble enough to transition is just as necessary
  • Examine if there is any misalignment between you and anything in your company. Feel the alignment in your core, you’ll know if it’s there or not. 
  • Transition isn’t bad. There’s nothing wrong with transitioning to a different company – it could very well be the path you need to take for you to grow. 
  • It doesn’t feel hard when you’re align. It could be tiring, difficult, or even not that exciting, but if you’re aligned to what you do it doesn’t feel emotionally hard to make yourself do it. 

“Maybe you’re 100% committed that day to do reach outs or followups and customer care but the next day it’s being 100% committed to your family, or being 100% committed to your personal development or 100% committed to what you said you would do for your community… Be a 100% committed whatever that looks like for you in any given day.” —  Carey Rippe

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