Ron Karr – Velocity Mindset: How Leaders Achieve Better Results

About Ron Karr: He has helped organizations grow incremental sales revenue of over a billion dollars on six different continents using his Velocity Mindset. He’s also a past president of the National Speaker’s Association and a best-selling author. He’s going to share with us today how we can eliminate resistance, gain buy-in and achieve better results faster through leadership. 

In this episode, Jennie and Ron Karr discuss:

  • What does Velocity mean?
  • Beyond sales – how do you succeed in leadership 
  • Influencing the heart and the mind
  • Simple leadership and sales tips

Key Takeaways:

  • Velocity is speed and direction. Speed without direction will lead to burnout
  • When you become a leader – your job is no longer to control everything but to support the people underneath you and do everything you can to make them successful. 
  • Start with the heart, then go to the mind. The heart is what’s missing for them that this can fulfill, what thing they want you to achieve. 
  • People don’t do things for your reasons, people do things for theirs.

“The true definition of velocity is speed with direction. Direction is the key, it’s what drives you, your purpose, your goal. You have to be driven by purpose not by tasks.” —  Ron Karr


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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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