Robin Keehn – How to Quit or Not

About Robin Keehn: She is the founder of The Quitting Culture, she helps women and men get clear on their purpose, and identify and quit all the things that get in the way of achieving it. A former music and dance studio owner, mom to four children, and a business coach, Robin knows the impact of unintentional and intentional quitting and how they have an impact on our experience of ourselves and our lives. Robin loves working with moms and kids who are trying to figure out how they can live their best possible lives. 


In this episode, Jennie and Robin Keehn discuss:

  • Raising quit-proof kids 
  • The consequence of never quitting
  • Learn to say no 
  • Renegotiating an agreement

Key Takeaways:

  • Be purposeful – know a clear goal of what you want them to attain, whether that’s a skill or have a clear timeline where they can’t quit. 
  • Learning when to quit is essential – not quitting anything, even when you already know that it’s not good for you, can lead to a very toxic and stressful life and can steer you away from what you were really meant to do. 
  • Be honest about how you feel and how you react internally to activities that you want to quit and communicate this clearly to the people that you need to talk to 
  • Acknowledge what you feel about something and if you need to tell someone, say it clearly. Any decent person would thank you for informing them what you feel about the agreement and would appreciate that you’d rather quit than do it half-heartedly. 

“Removing the guilt around saying no. It’s okay if you want to say no. You can’t say yes to everything, just like you can’t make everybody happy, you can’t say yes to everything.” —  Robin Keehn

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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