Alex Aanderud: You Don’t Know DISC

About Alex Aanderud: Alexander (Alex) B. Aanderud, President and CEO of Legacy of Results, is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, specializing in advanced integrative psychology and the conscious-unconscious integration that leads to results. As a consultant, Alex helps his clients identify, manage, streamline and improve the hidden and intangible assets of their companies including people, communication, culture and trust. As a Speaker, Trainer and Coach, certified through the Association for Integrative Psychology, Innermetrix® and The John Maxwell Team, Alex combines his skills in psychology with his technical background as an engineer supporting experimental flight test for Boeing and the US Military, to help his clients find their passion, live their purpose and achieve their impossible.

In this episode, Jennie and Alex discuss:

  • Why is DISC important? 
  • Understanding people deeper
  • Knowing yourself more
  • Mitigating “weaknesses”


Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding DISC will help you understand people more and the more you understand people, the deeper your connection with them will be. Building high-quality connections and relationships can help your business’s potential and your network to grow beyond what you expect.
  • DISC is good at predicting how people tend to behave but people behave differently at different times. By understanding people more deeply, you’ll be able to talk in a language that makes their experience better. 
  • Understanding yourself in a deeper level will help you be more in touch with your natural strengths which will help you get the results that you want.  
  • The better you know what you’re good at and suck at, the more you can look for systems and processes and go “how do I mitigate my weakness with people or processes to be able to develop success.” 


“Weakness is manufactured by making your success dependent on something you suck at.” —  Alex Aanderud

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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