Nathan Perez: 20 Minute Networking That Works

About Nathan Perez: He is an executive and career job-search coach, a professional speaker in the career field, and a former executive in the retained executive recruitment industry. He is also a multi-award winning co-author of “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting – Professional Edition: Learn to Network. Get a Job”. 

In this episode, Jennie and Nathan discuss:

  • Keeping it short
  • Reciprocity during networking
  • Five steps of 20 minute marketing 
  • Online networking

Key Takeaways:

  • Network better by keeping the time spent within appropriate length and by making sure you are prepared. Do research on the person you’re meeting and their organization. 
  • At the end of a conversation, ask someone how you can help them. It tends to catch people off guard, but it completely changes the dynamics of the conversation. 
  • Start with a great first impression, then give a 30 second snapshot of your professional background leading into the great discussion in which the last question you ask the person you’re talking with would be “how can I help you?” Wrap up in whatever way you want and then follow up both immediately or constantly. 
  • Online networking has the great potential to make your business awesome, and it’s just getting better. It will enable you to go beyond your physical limits. Everybody is online right now, take your business into the internet too. 

“Relationship-building is a cornerstone to networking.” —  Nathan Perez

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