Steve Taubman: Magic of Inner Selling

About Steve Taubman: After 14 years running one of the nation’s top chiropractic clinics, he became a sought after corporate motivational entertainer. He went on to right a best-selling book called “UnHypnosis” and a series of other critically acclaimed personal growth programs. He now travels the globe sharing insight and wisdom about how to live an inspired life, often incorporating hypnosis into his programs. He’s been seen on national television, has been featured on major magazines and has shared the stage with top business speakers like Jack Canfield and the late Zig Ziglar. 

In this episode, Jennie and Steve discuss:

  • Thinking about what your thinking
  • Passing through your fear
  • What is anxiety
  • Our tendency to judge ourselves negatively

Key Takeaways:

  • We need to be thinking about what we’re thinking. What are the things that we tell ourselves that we’re not questioning? What are our blindspots? It takes courage to identify those, to face them, and to incite change in your heart and mind. 
  • Don’t run away from what you fear. Walk into its direction and you’ll find that it’s something penetrable, something you can pass through and come out as a better person. 
  • Anxiety is your imagination on overload that thinks only about the bad possibilities. It is often stories that we tell ourselves that has some emotion attached to it, making it seem absolutely real. Enhance your tolerance for the feelings of anxiety, shame, and fear. 
  • Everyone of us we start with our own personal challenges and we’ve gotta do the best we can to figure out how we can move past them. Generally speaking, it has to do with increasing our self-esteem, our sense of personal power, diminishing our sense of seriousness – moving through life with greater ease… that’s contagious.

“We’ve got to stop being so arrogant about our views of ourselves – it’s just not true, it’s just programming… we’re not great advocates for ourselves, we’re not neutral viewers of our experience – we know that, stop believing it.” —  Steve Taubman

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