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About Margaret Thomas: Prior to becoming a Regional Vice President in Arbonne, Margaret Thomas was a NICU nurse for 26 years. Now, you can find her devouring personal growth content, creating dynamic social networks, and practicing health and wellness in the gym or on a trail, building her life vision all from her home office. She loves leading her inspired team of consultants, doing life with people who inspire her, and empowering people to know they are loved, seen, worthy, and capable of GREAT things. She has lived in Western Colorado for 25 years with her husband, Brad.

In this episode, Jennie and Margaret discuss:


  • Letting go of beliefs that shackle you
  • Dedicating yourself to the process
  • People that elevate your confidence 
  • Helping others have what you have

    Key Takeaways:


  • You’ll serve people best once you let go of negative beliefs that shackle you. Know your worth, your potential to give value, and that you are built for more. 
  • Recognizing the person you’re becoming as you grow through the struggle can itself fuel you through hard times. Dedicate yourself to the process – whatever it might be. 
  • Surround yourself with people that elevate your sense of what you’re capable of. Listen to people that boost your confidence and encourage you to keep on going. 
  • The next step to your success is to help people get where you are and have what you have, to guide them to achieve success in their own life and career. 

“Your dreams aren’t found in the easy road. Your dreams and your dream life exists outside of that.” —  Margaret Thomas

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