Griselda Beck: The Key to Freedom

  • About Griselda Beck: Griselda Beck is a powerhouse speaker and coach that combines her executive expertise, with transformational leadership, mindset, life coaching and heart-centered divine feminine energy principles to empower women across the globe step into their power, authenticity, hearts and sensuality to create incredible success in their business and freedom in their lives. Griselda Beck is an executive with 15+ years of corporate experience, Founder of Latina Boss Coach and Beck Consulting Group and serves as President for MANA de North County San Diego. She has been featured as a Top Expert on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Marketwatch, Telemundo and most recently named on the Top 10 Business Coaches list by Disrupt Magazine. Griselda is a featured author in the book series 13 Steps to Riches based on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Boss Latina Anthology.


In this episode, Jennie and Griselda discuss:


  • Finding what lights your soul
  • Don’t bring stale energy
  • Connecting to your passion
  • Knowing who you are

    Key Takeaways:

    • If you had no one else but yourself to think about, what would your life look like? Find what lights you up and work your life around that.
    • People want you to light them on fire so don’t bring stale energy into any relationship. Let your presence excite people, put passion into whatever interaction you’re in right now.
    • Continuously connect with the reason that you were passionate about your business in the beginning. Remind yourself why you were excited, and continue to draw from that well.
    • Your view of yourself might be fragmented right now, but once you realize that all those fragments are all parts of you and are all true, then you’ll be able to truly know who you stand in your identity and in your power.

“When you start living in that truth, you become more aligned to who you truly are and life gets sweeter.” —  Griselda Beck


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