Lucas Root: Powerful Elements of Community

Are you a direct sales professional who values building authentic relationships for both community and business success? Wondering how to achieve this goal in a more effective way? Look no further as Lucas Root will reveal the keys to cultivating genuine connections that lead to mutual benefit and growth for all involved.

About Lucas Root:

Lucas Root, a visionary entrepreneur and business coach, has dedicated his life to empowering women and unlocking their full potential. With over two decades of experience, Lucas has built a reputation as a dynamic leader and strategist, helping businesses grow and achieve their goals. He is also the host of the Elements of Community podcast, where he explores the power of community and how it can be used to drive personal and professional growth. With a passion for helping women tap into their innate power and wisdom, Lucas has developed a powerful framework for unlocking their full potential – The Goddess Framework.

In this episode, Jennie and Lucas discuss:

  • Pursuing higher purpose
  • The meaning of community
  • Open space on the calendar
  • Failing Forward to Success
  • The benefits of direct sales

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Cultivate meaningful relationships through sincere communication for a stronger community.
  • Turn setbacks into stepping stones, transforming failures into opportunities for growth.
  • Harness the impact of mindset and determination in the pursuit of personal success.
  • Engage others with your true self to forge more genuine connections.
  • Recognize the advantage of attending live events as a platform to connect and expand your knowledge.

“Be the puppy dog of people’s lives and be genuine about it. Build a community of people around you.” – Lucas Root









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