Davina Messics: Growing with Intention

In this sponsored episode, experience the irony of a Badass Direct Sales Mastery podcast as host Jenny Bellinger is joined by the passionate and experienced Davina Messics, who sparks an inciting action toward sales success by emphasizing the importance of mindset, genuine connections, and the struggle to overcome rejection in the quest for business growth. Tune in and watch out for giveaways or freebies!

About Davina Messics:

Davina is obsessed with bringing together women over 40 who crave more fun, focus, and productivity when working on our daily income-producing activities.

As a former teacher and 6-figure income earner with 3 different direct sales and MLM companies in the past 25 years, Davina learned that working on the business-generating tasks can be lonely and sometimes boring.

Every week for one hour, you’re invited to join Davina’s Crave More Power Hours where we will learn how to uplevel our income-producing activities and implement them together right then and there on the zoom. Come and hang out with us while we work to help make people smile and connect with our potential customers, clients, and team members. No bra or makeup is required. Davina will be in a hoodie wearing hoop earrings.

In this episode, Jennie and Davina discuss:

  • The Power of Social Media
  • Building a Network
  • Growing Your Network
  • Building Connection on Facebook
  • Impact of Visuals on Social Media

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Learn transformative strategies to command the realm of direct sales and march towards triumph.
  • Find how essential it is to forge authentic bonds that expand your network and fortifies relationship-building.
  • Tap into exploiting social media platforms to boost your presence and interaction with fans.
  • Recognize that with relentless consistency and persistence, one can seize success in the direct sales arena.
  • Experience the compelling call to create ripples of positive change and etch an enduring mark. 

“No can never hurt me. When someone says no, it just means not right now, and it doesn’t mean they don’t love me. ” – Davina Messics


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