Dr. Barnsley Brown: Your Business is Your Adventure!

Are you a direct sales mom who wants to achieve your business goals and be successful? Want to increase your confidence and clarity in building a thriving business? Look no further! I have the solution that will empower you to achieve the outcome you desire. Join me as Dr. Barnsley Brown shares her expertise and insights to help you unlock your full potential and create a flourishing business.


About Dr. Barnsley Brown:

Dr Barnsley Brown helps big-hearted women business owners reach 100 K and beyond fast with fun! She’s a popular author, speaker, and coach, and doesn’t fuck around when it comes to getting shit done. If you want to have two extra hours every day for who and what you love, grab your complimentary copy of her e-book, How to Overcome Overwhelm in 7 Easy Steps, at www.spirited-solutions.com.


In this episode, Jennie and Dr. Barnsley discuss:

  • Empowerment strategies for success

Dr. Barnsley Brown emphasizes the importance of empowerment strategies to ensure the success of entrepreneurs, particularly direct sales moms. These strategies involve finding the courage to push past fear, prioritizing Revenue Generating Activities (RGAs), and eliminating procrastination. 

  • Role of external accountability

The role of external accountability in business success cannot be overlooked. Dr. Barnsley uses the concept of a ‘gentle butt kick’ to emphasize the need for an external force to drive us out of our comfort zones and promote growth. 

  • Importance of decisive action

Dr. Barnsley highlights this by discouraging perfectionism, a form of procrastination that can hinder progress. 


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover ways to empower yourself to succeed in your business, fueling your entrepreneurial passions.
  • Dive into the criticality of taking decisive action, helping you step up your game in the face of trials.
  • Understand the role of external accountability, potentially causing a breakthrough in your success trajectory.
  • Unlock the hidden values of coaching and mentorship that might redraw your business boundaries.
  • Learn to navigate business challenges, stepping beyond your comfort zone for the ultimate growth.


“Fear is a great signal that you’re doing what you really care about. Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Dr. Barnsley Brown



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