Noah St. John: Affirmations Don’t Work

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving success in direct sales? Join renowned coach Noah St. John as he reveals his groundbreaking method to eliminate head trash and unlock your full potential. But beware, once you confront your deepest fears, will you have the courage to face the unknown?


About Noah St. John:

NOAH ST. JOHN, Ph.D. is recognized as “The Father of AFFORMATIONS®” and “The Mental Health Coach to the Stars.” Working with Hollywood celebrities, seven- and eight-figure company CEOs, professional athletes, top executives, and elite entrepreneurs, Noah is famous for helping his coaching clients make more in twelve weeks than they did in the previous twelve months while winning back 1–3 hours per day and 4–8 weeks a year. Noah’s clients are the 0.1% rock stars who love to take action and get amazing results!


In this episode, Jennie and Noah discuss:

  • Limitations of Direct Sales

In the realm of direct sales, professionals often grapple with enclosing mental barriers and limiting beliefs. These negative thought patterns, subtly embedded in the mind, can hinder individuals from achieving their full potential and gaining financial success. 

  • The Power of AFFORMATIONS®

Noah St. John’s innovative approach, known as AFFORMATIONS®, restructures traditional affirmations and empowers individuals to alter their thought patterns.

  • Transforming Subconscious Thoughts

To maximize success, direct sales professionals must acknowledge the necessity of transforming their subconscious thoughts.


In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unearth the limitations of direct sales, overcoming biases and head trash that could be preventing your success.
  • Dive into the concept of AFFORMATIONS® and how mind-provoking questions can fuel personal growth.
  • Examine your subconscious thoughts, transforming the inherent negativity into a success-driven mindset.
  • Decipher the crucial role your belief system and your subconscious mind play in reaching your goals.
  • Understand how the power of positive thinking can lead to unparalleled success in direct sales and network marketing.


“Most people are sowing lousy thought seeds, asking questions like ‘Why am I so stupid?’ or ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ But when you ask lousy questions, you get lousy answers. Change your questions, change your life.” – Noah St. John



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