Dr. Breakthrough: How to Build A Big Team Fast

Hey Badass Direct Sales Pros! Want to know the surprising story of a preacher turned top earner in three companies simultaneously? Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journey of Dr. Stan, aka Dr. Breakthrough, from being homeless to making $100,000 per month in just five and a half months. His story will challenge your mindset and leave you ready to Breakthrough through any barrier. But here’s the twist – he’ll share a million-dollar piece of advice exclusively for the Badass crew. Intrigued? Stay tuned for the next episode and get ready to experience your own Breakthroughthrough.

About Dr. Stan Harris as known as Dr. Breakthrough:

Dr. Stan Harris as known as Dr. Breakthrough is an accomplished figure in the direct sales realm. With a background in ministry and an impressive track record as the top earner and recruiter in three distinct companies simultaneously, Dr. Breakthrough brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. His journey, from initially opposing home-based businesses to embracing a growth mindset and achieving remarkable success, offers a unique perspective for direct sales professionals. Prepare to delve into the insights and strategies of Dr. Breakthrough, as he shares invaluable wisdom on resilience and personal development in the direct sales industry.

In this episode, Jennie and Dr. Stan Harris discuss:

  • Embrace a Growth Mindset
    Understanding that growth isn’t instantaneous, but the result of persevering through inevitable challenges is fundamental in adopting a growth mindset. Dr. Breakthrough urges direct sales professionals to not be deterred by hurdles and to view them as opportunities for improvement and growth.
  • Gain Direct Sales Industry Insights
    Insights into the direct sales industry as shared by Dr. Breakthrough are invaluable pearls of wisdom for direct sales professionals. Notably, he highlights the importance of moving beyond the basic transactional aspect of the profession, emphasizing the power of building relationships and connecting more deeply with customers.
  • Build a Successful Team
    In the context of direct sales, building a successful team involves not just attracting team members, but also creating a supportive and growth-inducing environment. Dr. Breakthrough’s advice pivots around targetting leaders within the community who can inspire and draw in followers, thereby contributing to the team’s strength.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the secrets to closing deals with finesse and confidence.
  • Discover the mindset shifts that can propel your sales success to new heights.
  • Learn how to tackle challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.
  • Explore insider knowledge and trends that can give you a competitive edge.
  • Uncover strategies to create a high-performing sales team that thrives in any market.

“You are unstoppable. You can only be deceived into thinking you can be stopped.” – Dr. Stan Harris


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