Brittany Buschette: Nurse to Six-Figure Network Marketer

Discover the surprising journey of a full-time nurse turned six-figure network marketer. Find out how she went from struggling to thrive in her nursing job to achieving financial freedom and confidence. Learn the unexpected transformation that led her to embrace her potential and build a successful business, all while continuing her nursing career. Her story will inspire you to unlock your own potential and believe in the possibilities. Stay tuned for the full scoop on this remarkable journey.

About Brittany Buschette:

Brittany Buschette is a registered nurse and a freelance makeup artist since 2017. She offers consulting services with 1:1 or group settings for makeup and skincare needs. She has a strong passion for helping women discover their worth and beauty from the inside out through their everyday beauty routine along with building leaders within an organization.

In this episode, Jennie and Brittany discuss:

  • Mastering Communication:

Communication is a vital tool in network marketing success. It involves clearly articulating your vision, goals, and product benefits to your team and customers to ensure effective delivery and customer satisfaction. 

  • Unveiling Personalities:

An important aspect of network marketing is understanding the unique personalities of your team members and customers. By recognizing and valuing these differences, marketers can tailor their communication and motivation strategies, resulting in better engagement and productivity. 

  • Believing in Yourself:

Self-belief is integral to achieving success in network marketing. This belief often translates into resilience and determination, driving entrepreneurs like Brittany Buschette to overcome challenges and doubters to advance in their professional journey. 

In this episode, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Mastering Communication: Unlock the secrets to effective communication for network marketing success.
  • Unveiling Personalities: Discover how understanding personality types can revolutionize your network marketing approach.
  • Believing in Yourself: Embrace the power of self-belief and its impact on your journey as an entrepreneur.
  • Community Growth: Learn how to harness the support of your community to propel your network marketing business forward.
  • Skincare Transformations: Explore the transformative potential of skincare products and their role in personal and business growth.

“Leaders go first. They show up at the forefront. They show up in the trenches. They are always going to be leading the way.” 

–Brittany Buschette



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