Connie Anne Toma: How the Law of Attraction Can Work for YOU!

Learn from Connie’s journey on how she navigated the corporate world as a personal coach, leading others down the path to their own success. Find out how her strategies and insights can help YOU tap into the laws of the universe and align with success. If you’ve ever found yourself bouncing from one network marketing company to another, this episode holds the secret to finding success without the need to switch. Yes, you CAN be successful in what you’re doing right now, and Connie Ann is here to show you how.

About Connie Anne Toma:

From a career in sales and the film industry to becoming a beacon of transformation, Connie Anne’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She is a dedicated personal and corporate coach, guiding individuals and teams to unlock their full potential by harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction. Having reached a high five-figure income, one short year after finding herself homeless, she gained profound fulfillment by embracing the universal laws. Connie Anne now shares her insights and strategies with others, leading them to the path of success and satisfaction. Living in picturesque British Columbia, Canada, she continues to be a student of life.

In this episode, Jennie and Connie Anne discuss:

  • Whether a single universal law applies to all clients in direct sales.
  • An overview of various universal laws impacting sales and success.
  • The exploration of the law of attraction and the energetic principles of cause and effect.
  • Insights into common quitting points for network marketers and how to push past them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-Belief And Confidence

Connie Ann emphasizes the importance of developing self-belief and confidence to achieve goals more rapidly and underscores the value of patience and timing with the law of gestation. She also challenges the notion that success in network marketing necessitates switching companies, advocating that making the right decisions can lead to success in one’s current endeavor.

  • Connie’s Path To Success

Connie Ann, a dedicated personal and corporate coach, shares her profound insights and strategies that lead her on the path to success. She enlightens us on universal laws like the law of vibration and the law of cause and effect.

“But also, I had the understanding that I also created that homelessness also by focusing on how bad things are. And when I was focusing on how bad things were, I was creating more bad things that happen just by virtue of what you look for, you find. … my energy shifted. My personality changed, my confidence grew, and I just had to start thinking about the powerful person I want to be.” 

–Connie Anne Toma


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