Laura Burkey: The 4 Words to Stop Using NOW!

Laura Burkey, a thought, behavior, and communication coach, shares her insights on the profound impact that words have on our personal growth and achievements. She emphasizes that the most common and mundane words we use internally and externally can hold us back without us even realizing it. Discover why swapping out the word “problem” for “opportunity” isn’t just semantics—it’s a life-changing perspective. 

About Laura Burkey:

Laura Burkey has been a thought, behavior, and communication coach since 1996 helping her clients master their ability to create and achieve what they truly want. Her particular specialty is in using the most powerful medium we all have, which is our Words. Laura has keyed in on the subtleties and nuances of the words we are all habituated to using (in our internal dialogue and outward dialogue) that are the seeds we are planting for the growth (or lack thereof) that we get (sow).

In this episode, Jennie and Laura discuss:

  • The Power of Words in Communication and Success
  • The Pitfalls of Problematic Words
  • The Problem with the Word “Problem”
  • The Power of Clarity in Goal-Setting
  • Shifting Perspective: From Problems to Blessings

Key Takeaways:

  • Laura Berkey teaches the profound influence of everyday language on personal success.
  • Identifying and altering just four keywords can dramatically change thoughts and actions.
  • Labeling situations as “problems” breeds stress; reframing them as “opportunities” fosters growth.
  • Shifting the narrative from ‘problem’ to ‘lesson’ or ‘blessing’ enhances life and creativity.
  • Goal-setting should revolve around the ‘what’ and ‘why’, not the ‘how’, to encourage proactive steps.
  • Harnessing the strength of influential words and a positive mindset can transform one’s reality.

“Clarity is power. The clearer you are about what you want, not clear of how it’s going to get done, the clearer of what it is you want, the more power you have.” – Laura Burkey


Laura Burkey is holding a big event on May 10th in Edwardsville, (SIUE) called Precision Speaks! This event is for communicators of all types: influencers, leaders, teachers, broadcasters, and coaches. It is an all-day workshop where participants will literally UPGRADE their understanding of what their everyday word use/language is doing for them (good and bad) and make the necessary modifications on the spot at the event so that they have greater ease and skill at manifesting what they want in any area of their life. Tune in to find out more!


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