Molly Claire: Climbing Past Those Limiting Beliefs

About Molly Claire :

Molly Claire is a Master Life + Business Coach and Master Coach Instructor for female coaches and service-based entrepreneurs. She offers a high-level holistic Master Coach Certification and also helps coaches create a killer program that gets results for their clients. Molly authored the best-selling book, The Happy Mom Mindset, and hosts the Masterful Coach Podcast. Molly built her business from scratch, building it to multiple 6 figures, and scaled an online program to 7 figures. She is passionate about helping women overcome their limiting beliefs to build a profitable and meaningful business that supports their ideal life. She loves to instill confidence, self-love, and self-belief into every woman she meets. Her greatest joy in life is being a mom of 3 and building meaningful connections with her family and friends.

In this episode, Jennie Bellinger and Molly Claire discuss:

  • The low average recruitment rate in network marketing and the key traits of successful team members
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs to build profitable and meaningful businesses that support an ideal lifestyle
  • A personal crisis and profound coaching experience that led Molly to pursue coaching as a career
  • Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs by questioning thoughts and what we believe to be true
  • A powerful process for overcoming limiting beliefs about income potential, especially as a woman

Key Takeaways:

  • A guide is available to help find rockstar team members with five key traits that can boost recruitment success in network marketing.
  • Limiting beliefs can hold us back, but we can identify and challenge them by questioning our thoughts and what we believe to be true, particularly about income potential.
  • Visualizing goals as the top of a mountain and committing to overcoming challenges and limiting beliefs along the way is crucial for reaching the summit of success.
  • Confidence is like a muscle that can be built over time through practical steps, challenging limiting beliefs, and having a clear plan for reaching goals.
  • Molly Claire offers a private, three-part podcast that guides listeners through the process of creating their ideal life and business vision, which serves as a strong foundation and helps prevent self-sabotage.

“Women have the creative energy and power to make money and build impactful businesses, but they need to overcome limiting beliefs and realize their potential.” — Molly Claire 

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