Michael Boothby: A Breathworker, A Tarot Reader and an Improv Comic Walk Into A Bar…

About Michael Boothby:

Michael Boothby stands at the confluence of ancient wisdom and contemporary creativity. As the visionary behind Lovewise Media and Michael Boothby Creative, he is a beacon for those seeking to elevate their consciousness and embrace authenticity in a world that often feels so disconnected. Through his programs, songs, jokes, and workshops, Michael aims to ignite a worldwide movement of creative expression, leading to transformative change and a more harmonious, joyful world where nobody feels alone.

In this episode, Jennie Bellinger and Michael Boothby discuss:

  • The power of improv comedy principles in creating a more playful and harmonious world
  • Rebirthing breathwork as a therapeutic process for releasing emotional blockages and healing trauma
  • The importance of incorporating humor and laughter into business and personal interactions
  • Using callbacks in comedy and business to create powerful connections and positive experiences
  • Combining breathwork, movement, and improvisational theater games in Conscious Comedy workshops

Key Takeaways:

  • Embodying improv comedy principles on a societal level could lead to a more authentic, connected, and less exploitative world.
  • Rebirthing breathwork allows individuals to enter a transpersonal state, facilitating emotional healing and personal growth.
  • Incorporating humor and laughter into interactions helps establish trust, create positive experiences, and keep people engaged, whether in business or personal settings.
  • Callbacks in comedy and business make people feel included and foster a sense of familiarity, strengthening connections and relationships.
  • Michael Boothby’s unique approach to tarot readings, Conscious Comedy workshops, and spiritual guidance demonstrates the power of combining humor, breathwork, and human design for personal development.

“If we all embody the principles of improv – staying open, saying yes, and making your partner look good – we’ll have a much more playful and a lot less exploitative world.” — Michael Boothby


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