Podcast Get A Guest Be A Guest

International Podcasting Day is September 30, so to honor this major holiday in our industry, let’s get together that week and book some appearances!

Podcast Get A Guest Be A Guest is a quarterly networking event bringing together:

  • podcast hosts who are looking for quality guests to have on their show
  • guests who are looking to get booked on quality podcasts

We’ve done this fun and structured event (who knew those two could go together?) since 2021 and have created over 500 appearances on a variety of shows.

So, if you are a podcast host searching for more quality guests and/or want to get booked on other shows…. this is for YOU!

If you are a coach, author, speaker, expert, entrepreneur trying to get booked on podcasts…. this is for YOU!

Your $10 ticket gets you admission to the LIVE event (no it’s not recorded!) and access to the directory of attendees*.

* – The Directory of Attendees is ONLY accessible to those who ATTEND live. We do not share the directory with those who don’t show up. The point of this event is to connect with others WHO WILL SHOW UP! This event is being run by The Direct Sales Domme… so yeah, we play by her rules.